Your Support

Linda working the registration table at the Dallas SummitLinda working the registration table at the Dallas Summit

When we write about the work we do, that "we" needs to be understood as sort of a "us-all." We could not do what we do without the prayer and practical and financial support offered by our partners. Any significant results for God's glory coming from the things we are doing come from a team effort in which our support team is the essential foundation and enabling.

It's now possible for you to contribute online to our support on a one-time or a recurring basis.

Just go to

 A new page will take you to the service which handles the online contributions for Interserve USA.

Choose Category and choose "Person" and in the box that asks you for project or person name enter "Housholders". Or check the "Project" item and specify one of our projects, for example "the Housholder Computer Fund" or "Ethnoserve-Housholder" or others we mention on the pages here.

When you are finished there just use your browsers "back" button to return to this site.

And thank you.