Why We're in the USA Now

We've served in India, Nepal, and Thailand. So why are we in the USA now?


Dave says, ?We worked in India, Nepal, and Thailand (and other places) because we were concerned that the people of those lands have an opportunity to hear the gospel in a way they could understand. Further we wanted to do all we could to strengthen the believers for ministry.


?Over the years we?ve seen the change in the USA. We have hundreds of thousands of people immigrating here from India, Nepal, Thailand, and many other countries. So our ministry here is with the same concerns we had there: getting the gospel to people and strengthening the believers for ministry.?


Linda says, ?I agree with what Dave said and would add that a key entry point for communicating the gospel into the immigrant families is through the women. In my own ministry of leading Bible studies with immigrant women my goal is to enable women to be able to study the scriptures for themselves and thus to be able to hear the voice of the Lord through that study. I work with Dave on the National Committee of the Ethnic America Network to help bring the voice of women to ethnic ministry in North America.?