Where have we been?

David Housholder on November 28, 2017

Catching Up with Us (and us with you)

1st the Major FAQ

A question we are hearing more often now is "Are you retired?' The answer? No we are not. We continue to serve wirh Interserve USA. Our focus is on people immigrating or coming as refugees into the USA and seeing churches reach out in ministry to such people. So far this year that has meant participating in programs in New Mexico, Atlanta, Boston, Kansas City, and Toronto, as well leading the middle school program at the Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting.

But then at the end of July we suddenly hit a major slowdown. I (Dave) suffered a stroke. It was a mild one, but meant weeks of physical and occupational therapy were needed. I am doing well but there is a ways to go. The stroke affected my left side, and I'm left handed. So writing, typing, and puppet manipulation are more a challenge (but getting better).

So What of The Future?

We continue on. We see our role now is to pass on a vision for building up the international, kulti ethnic, people of God. We want to pass on all we can pour into the lives of young disciples of Jesus. 

It also means we are grateful for your prayer and financial support. Financial support decreases as some long-term supporters are less able to be involved now as in the past. As to exactly what's needed, we will share that with you if want more information. 

Another Purpose for this Blog

It's been a while since we used the email addresses we have here in this msites list. So we will send an email with a link to this blog to see how many of the addresses are still valid. If this comes through okay, please just pop back an "I got it" message.