Good stuff ahead (and we need your help)

David Housholder on June 6, 2014

Calling for your help

Yes, I know, when I wrote we need your help you reached for your checkbook, right? Well, put it away. That's not what we need. Linda and Dave are doing two workshops in June. One is June 11 at the Atlanta PC Users Group meeting. The other is at the 2014 International Conference on Computing and Mission (see in Warrenton, Missouri, June 16-20.

The workshop is to work with people who do a lot of tech support to see how they (we) can make that support more effective and useful for those requesting assistance.

The way you could help us by responding to that SurveyMonkey survey linked here:

Thank you.

What else is ahead?

What else are we doing? Let's start with last night. We joined some friends to attend a play based on C. S. Lewis's The Great Divorce. A super cast of 3 actors played a dozen or more roles that made us laugh, grieve, and think. The producer of the play, who led an audience Q&A session after the show, is Max McLean, the brilliant Bible narrator (listen to the NIV audio on YouVersion or and you will see what I mean). Check out GreatDivorceOnStage to see if it will be playing in your area. If it is, we recommend you attend.

But what about the future? 

  • Dave is working with on developing a new section at where we will be posting information and resources on the InteserveUSA current initiative to enhance ministry to "The Unseen Quarter." Want to know more? We'll keep you posted as to when the pages are up.
  • Linda and Dave are developing a Constitution for the First Asian India Baptist Church of Metro Atlanta. Not our favorite type of work, but it is a need.
  • We are in the intense preparation stage for RAD Project 2014. That's the middle school program we lead as part of the Indian Springs Campmeeting held July 10-20 in Flovilla, Georgia.Our study is on the Kingdom of God. King Reginald Van Stocking III and his entire court will be with us to help us learn the principles and purpose of God's Kingdom. 

Oh, I mentioned before we need your help? We do in these matters as well. We need your prayer support. We need the wisdom and knowledge the Lord would provide as we seek to glorify Him in these activities and programs.