Heading into 2014

David Housholder on February 12, 2014 Comments (24)

As I wriite this entry we are comfortably at home and definitely not going out since we are in the midst of a major winter storm. It's a bit different than the one that paralyzed the Atlanta area two weeks ago. This snow and ice and freezing rain was confidently predicted this time and the Governor of Georgia as well as the President of the United States declared states of emergency for Georgia even before the first freeze of the event. So no crowded freeways this time. The main concern has been loss of electric power. Georgia Power and Cobb EMC and others have been doing a great job of finding and repairing the downed lines and affected poles to get most power restored quickly. I hope those workers who are far from being comfortable at home will get a good bonus for working on electric lines in the midst of freezing rain.

This is when there is time for planning for the future and thinking of our goals. Linda and I are eager to continue promoting and working toward development of cross-cultural ministry to the peoples immigrating into the USA -- those now more commonly called the peoples of international diaspora. 

There is a planning retreat by the leadership team of a network which focuses on a particular unreached people group both internationally and in North America. That retreat is in March in the northeast. Then in April is a meeting of the National Committee of the Ethnic America Network (EAN). That meeting is in Los Gatos, California. And it will be followed by an ethnic ministries conference called iSpectra (see ispectraignite.org). Since I am on the Executive Committee of EAN as Communications Manager and both Linda and I represent Interserve USA on the National Committee of EAN, we hope to be able to participate in those meetings.

Then in June it's the International Conference on Computing and Mission (iccm.org). How does that relate? My other task with Interserve is to assist with the technology matters, doing some of the work on the computers in our Upper Darby, PA office and helping our workers with computers for field work. I've been attending the ICCM since 1995 and always come back from those conferences with insights and ideas for our organization.

We are also taking on some projects to help represent Interserve USA in the Southeast as requested by our Regional Director, David Meeks. 

It's exciting. It's day by day researching here, consulting there, strategizing, discipling, evangelizing, interceding, and just being delighted with the opportunities to continue to pursue our vision of healthy growing discipleship for all God's people.

There is one difference in the challenge this year. From 1993 and the start of the Interserve USA ethnic ministries project the work has been financed through the Interserve general budget as a line item in the annual budget. Over the last few years, as Interserve USA has regularly struggled with a deficit each financial year, the line for ethnic ministry, which we called Ethnoserve, has been reduced year by year. Last March our board decided the project, as an Interserve USA sponsored project, would have to end. So as of December 31, 2013, there is no more support from the general fund for the project. 

What does that mean for us? It means that the continuation of involvement outside our home office depends on money we can raise into a new personal project fund called "Ethnoserve--Housholder." Other Interservers working in the USA will have to raise their own project funds as well (previously some of their activities also were supported under the general fund).

At this point I'm estimating we need $1,500 to launch the things we hope to do in the next few months. I don't think we can ask those who give regularly to our personal support to start giving to project support as well, but we can ask everyone to pray with us. There may be churches or people who are looking for a project to which to contribute, and some would prefer doing that to giving monthly personal support. Pray with us that we might find such donors. There may be people who amass frequent flyer points they would be willing to donate to make travel to events possible. 

Let us know if you have some ideas that might help with the continuation of this work.



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  1. Dee Votary February 24, 2014

    We will surely be praying, and will talk to our local church about this project. God bless you & Mrs. "H" in your efforts. We love you.

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    I heard a lot about this storm and my best wishes are with the victims and their families. Hope you will keep update us about this latest updates.

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