Dave's Puppets

Here is His Royal Majesty, King Reginald Van Stocking III, King of all the socks in the universe.

He often arrives accompanied by his entire court that includes Sunshine the Herald, Count Sigma the King's Counselor, Ricky T the court jester, Princess Aletheia, and Queen Phila Baliseia.

And -- horror of horrors -- The Prickler, who lives under the castle and thinks he's the king, sometimes makes his scary presence known!

But King Reginald has built his kingdom along the principles of the one he calls The True King, so we knowhe is a great leader.

Andrew and Friend Andrew and Friend

And here's Andrew. Andrew has been in our puppet family since 1975 when he was hand-delivered to us in Kathmandu Nepal replacing Jeff, the puppet that had been puppet-napped off a train in India. Andrew started his journey to us when he was selected at the Maher Studios in Littleton, Colorado by George Verwer then carried on George's lap (his luggage allowance was full) on a flight to London.

Here he is at Indian Springs with Ian. Ian has been taking ventriloquism lessons in the summer at Indian Springs for several years and has excellent technique.

Dave & Timothy Dave & Timothy

Timothy O. Neem started his life as an Hispanic puppet, but the Maher Studios in Littleton, Colorado, responded to my request for a South Asian puppet by making subtle changes in the puppet.

I purchased Timothy in 1993 with money raised by the children of the Timonium Presbyterian Church (Timonium Maryland) Vacation Bible School. So his name is in honor of that church ("Tim O. Neem" for "Timonium").

Timothy claims to be from Dindigal in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. I wondered whether Indians would be offended by Timothy and his Indian English. Instead they immediately took him to heart. He has even been proclaimed an honorary member of the Indian American Urologists Association!

In August 1997 Timothy and I performed in Washington, DC, for the national banquet honoring India's 50th year of independence. Then the next night we performed before over 4,000  people in the celebration event in Atlanta, Georgia.

The most recent appearances were at the University of Wyoming for the Indian Students' Association's annual Diwali Banquet and at the Gujarati association's Diwali Banquet in Atlanta.

Duncan the Dodo Duncan the Dodo

Here's Duncan the Dodo. He was of great help in RAD 2004 when we did our Proverbs Probe. Duncan claims to be wise and expressed his wish that all the kids would be "Wise as Dodos."

Duncan claims that owls are overrated. They aren't so smart. For example they fly at night which is, according to Duncan, why they have those flat faces.

My Discovery [study] Group chose the name "Doc's Dodos" in 2004 and "The Fellowship of the Dodos" in 2005.

Dave & Something Else Dave & Something Else

"But now it's time for...!"

That's how I introduce the announcements time at The RAD Project. And the kids respond, "Something Else!"

Something Else is basically shy but can be persuaded to come out of his box and talk with the "funny looking children."