Where have we been?

David Housholder on November 28, 2017

A question we are hearing more often now is "Are you retired?' The answer? No we are not. We continue to serve wirh Interserve USA. Our focus is on people immigrating or coming as refugees into the USA and seeing churches reach out in ministry to such people. So far this year that has meant participating in programs in New Mexico, Atlanta, Boston, Kansas City, and Toronto, as well leading the middle school program at the Indian Springs Holiness Campmeeting. But then at the end of July we suddenly hit a major slowdown. I (Dave) suffered a stroke. It was...

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My trip to Nairobi

David Housholder on April 27, 2015

Saturday, after the Delta ticketing counter searched to find I really did have a reservation (I had been dropped from the system a few days earlier and had later been restored) I was ready for the 8 hour flight to Amsterdam. There the transfer agents had to search some misconfigured records again to find I really could accompany my baggage to Nairobi. Then a walk around the shops and hallways to get in a bit of exercise and a 2 hours in advance of the flight entry through a careful security check into the soon to be packed pre-departure area (or "holding tank" as...

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As we spring through Spring

David Housholder on April 24, 2015 Comments (331)

There are several things I'd like to tell you about before they happen. The problem is they come along so fast that some of those have already happened and some others about to come. I'll start with what's been happening. Through the Fall and Winter months we spent much of our time working on prepartations for the 2015 Atlanta Ethnic Ministries Summit. Dave was chairing the Communications Task Force (and mentoring himself as the Ethnic America Network (EAN) National Committee Mentor for the regional Communications Task Force). Linda was mentoring the Hospitality Task Force chairperson and developing a program new...

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Good stuff ahead (and we need your help)

David Housholder on June 6, 2014

Yes, I know, when I wrote we need your help you reached for your checkbook, right? Well, put it away. That's not what we need. Linda and Dave are doing two workshops in June. One is June 11 at the Atlanta PC Users Group meeting. The other is at the 2014 International Conference on Computing and Mission (see iccm.org) in Warrenton, Missouri, June 16-20. The workshop is to work with people who do a lot of tech support to see how they (we) can make that support more effective and useful for those requesting assistance. The way you could help...

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Heading into 2014

David Housholder on February 12, 2014 Comments (172)

As I wriite this entry we are comfortably at home and definitely not going out since we are in the midst of a major winter storm. It's a bit different than the one that paralyzed the Atlanta area two weeks ago. This snow and ice and freezing rain was confidently predicted this time and the Governor of Georgia as well as the President of the United States declared states of emergency for Georgia even before the first freeze of the event. So no crowded freeways this time. The main concern has been loss of electric power. Georgia Power and Cobb...

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Rescuing a Swimming iPhone

David Housholder on July 13, 2011 Comments (35)

 A friend jumped in a swimming pool forgetting he had his iPhone with him. The poor little critter (the phone) did not take to well to playing submarine. I posted a question to the ICCM (International Conference on Computing and Mission) maillist and got back some great suggestions. I'll post them here in case your phone ever takes an unwarranted bath.                Well, I saved an ordinary cell phone (LG, I believe) some years ago by drying it manually as best I could, then placing it with the battery out and the battery cover off in a car sitting in an...

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Ethnic America Network Planning Retreat

David Housholder on January 7, 2011

January 5-9, 2011: Linda and Dave are in Spartaburg, South Carolina, the site of the 2012 Ethnic Ministries Summit. Our current meeting is the annual planning retreat for the Ethnic America Network.

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Sermon from Community Fellowship

David Housholder on November 19, 2007

On November 18 Dave preached the sermon at CommunityFellowship in West Chicago, IL. It was the last part of our weekend that started with a workshop on Saturday morning on ethnic ministry. You can download or hear the message, "Who moved my world?", at http://www.commfell.org/sermons.html  

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Christian Post article available

David Housholder on July 13, 2007

You can find the article written based on an interview with Dave about the Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World book here How to Evangelize Tibetan Buddhists in the West Christian Post - USA

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Newspaper Report on ICCM

David Housholder on June 13, 2007

From June 8-12 Dave participated in the International Conference on Computing and Mission. Here is a good newspaper article summarizing what happened there.

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Radio Interview on MP3

David Housholder on December 1, 2006

Yesterday David was interviewed on the Bob Crittenden show on WBFL Radio (89.1 FM Montgomery), a Christian station broadcasting in Georgia, Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. A downloadable MP3 recording of the interview is available at www.faithradio.org/meeting/download/index.html. Look for the November 30 interview with David Housholder and click on the icon in that row to download the file. It's a bit over 11MB.

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